What happens to dad/partner when there’s a doula?

Never, ever is the role of a doula to replace a dad or partner. A doula service is there to enhance and complement the experience - for everyone involved.

Excitingly, today more and more partners play an active role in the birth process however some partners do prefer to enjoy the delivery without having to be the birth coach. Having a birth doula lets you both have someone to answer questions, empowering your choices and ensure you all have the birth experience you desire.

‘I was told that my ‘role’ is to stand in the corner and say encouraging words every now and then and the medical staff will do the rest. Now I know that I can do stuff. We can’t wait to see how it all goes. I’m pretty excited now.’


Having a doula part of the birth team the partner is free to do whatever they choose during the birth. Doulas can help the partner to use comforting techniques and are there to step in if they want a break. A doula will allow your partner to support you emotionally during both labour and birth while also enjoying the experience themselves. They will be relieved of the extra pressure of trying to remember everything they learned during childbirth preparation classes.

Your doula will never take over, push your partner aside, or get in the way - they are there to support you both. Which is way you need to choose a doula that you are both comfortable with and can work with.

I’m fortunate to have worked with many dads and partners during births and am humbled by how grateful they are for what I do and have I do it. I also offer birth preparation classes so you and your partner can be better prepared to bring your new bundle of joy earthside.

‘From a man’s point of view about childbirth education classes. Trudy, I learnt more in your 2 hour active birth class than I did in 5 hospital antenatal classes. I feel ready to support my wife, I know what to do. Thank you for including me in this process.’


‘Wow - the techniques were fabulous! Baby arrived in 2 hours. 

Thanks Trudy - we will see you soon so you can meet our son.’


To learn more about my birth doula services or birth preparation classes just contact me today to have a chat.

Images courtesy of the amazingly talented Rebecca Louise Photography who you can contact here.