Virtual Doula

Do you love the idea of having a Doula, but not keen on having an extra person in the room?  No problem, you can still have my words of wisdom, calming voice and expertise.....all via your phone or mobile device.  You can be anywhere in the world and contact me....that one person who knows what to say and do at the right time.

This is especially ideal for very busy parents-to-be who arent available to meet for coffee (pre natal appointments), don't have the time to chat during business hours, or know what they want but just need guidance or someone to just listen.

Im very passionate about being a Doula 'in person' but i understand the way of the world, so if im 'not there in person' then my passion is with YOU having the best possible care, labour, and birth outcomes. 

There are 2 Pre Natal virtual meetings to discuss your concerns or ideas for birth.  Creation of your birth plan is absolutely essential and we will go over and over this until you are 100% happy with your choices.  I answer any non medical related questions, if i don't have an answer i will refer you to someone who would know.

We chat about your rites, options and birth partner advocating for you in an effective way that keeps the birthing room calm.

Education is the key to your birth, which is why i hold Comprehensive Virtual Child Birth Education classes.  You will learn movement and breathe for contractions, how to cope and what to do when in labour.  Your birth partner will learn comfort measures and techniques on how they can help you and be actively involved in your labour and birth.   Discussion about what to pack in your bags for hospital.

Your birth - From established labour starting, i am online with you, prop your mobile device anywhere in the room, as long as i can see you and you can hear me, i technically am in the room with you.  You get my voice, knowledge, encouragement, movement suggestions, breathe awareness and calming voice.  

This package is $1,000.