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Active Birth

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Prepare for Birth - 3 part series

May 5, 12 and 16

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June 2, 9 and 23

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This 3 part series is to prepare you completely for your labour and birth.

Session 1 (1.5 hours)

We look at fears, concerns, anxiety (which is all completely normal) and how we can overcome them. We talk about everything, no question will go unanswered within my non medical back ground. I will outsource to others for questions or treatments outside my scope.

Session 2 (3-3.5 hours)

Spinning Babies Parent Class and Active Birth Class, this is 3.5 hours duration and its all about how your partner can help you throughout labour and birth. There will be links in comments.

Session 3 (1 hour)

Creation of your birth plan - this sets the pace of your birth, it is important and it needs to be your choices. I will put your birth plan together for you, so its easy to read and has all of your wishes.

It doesn't stop there :) at session 3, there is a gift bag from me as a thank you for allowing me to help. 

I will do a Side Lye Release at each visit.

I am still available via email if you have any further questions, right up until your birthing day.

Investment is $500. Payment plans can be made, however full fee is required prior to the first class.

Yes, you can book me as your Doula. If i have the availability and further fees incur.

This is your body, your birth, take your power, be knowledgeable and create the most amazing birth that you will remember forever.

If your birthing partner is not available to attend all classes, know that session 2 is essential to bring your birthing partner.

Please pm for further info or call/text 0448104642.

Spinning Babies Parent Educator Class

Trudy from Yoga and Birth Doula with Trudy is the only person is Australia to teach this course, after travelling to Minneapolis USA in April 2018 to learn these techniques and bring them back to Australia to use this approach through pregnancy and birth.

Spinning Babies® Parent Class highlights your baby’s active role in birth. During labour, baby needs to pass through “3 Levels” of the pelvis. 

This class teaches techniques to help expand the pelvis and the muscles that support - or restrict - your pelvic “levels” . 

Together, you and your partner can use these techniques before and during labour to help "make room for baby"!

 The goal of Spinning Babies® is to create conditions where baby can find the optimal positions for labour, making birth easier, less painful, and even pleasurable!

Active Birth Class

Birthing your baby is one of life’s most unique experiences. 

Being an active participant in the birth of your baby and having the ability to make informed decisions during the process is a key to a positive and empowering experience. Your birthing partner is very much involved in this workshop, learning techniques to help you through this beautiful time in your life.

In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the birth journey and learn how yoga postures and movements, relaxation and breathing practices can bring you comfort during pregnancy and help you prepare for the birth of your baby. 

Your partner or birthing companion will learn about how they can support you during labour and contribute to making the birth of your baby a positive experience.

We will explore:-
Understanding the birth process
Birthing positioning and movement 
The use of vocalisation, relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques during labour.
Practical ways to support the you
Encouraging optimal baby positioning for birth and progress of labour.
Creating a calm and reassuring birth environment.
Basic Massage techniques.
What to bring – an open mind and open heart.

Cost is $500
Payable to -
Yoga With Trudy
BSB 014305
Acc 470842077

Please register via email or 0448104642.

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