Pregnancy Yoga in Sunshine Coast & Brisbane North

**Please note that during this pandemic, Pregnancy Yoga is via Zoom only, details are linked below**

Pregnancy Yoga classes are not on a casual basis, all classes are in 4 week blocks.

Designed specifically for Pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga classes are dedicated to women from 14 weeks gestation to full term to tone, relax and strengthen their body during their pregnancy.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to meet and discuss pregnancy related topics with other women and take one hour of your day ‘just for you and your baby’.

You will learn techniques to stretch, breathe, relax, visualise, preparation for birth and connecting with other mothers in the room.  I teach moves and postures that are suitable to pregnancy, safe for you and safe for baby and you will be prepared for labour and birth in many ways.

For more information and timetable, please visit my Yoga website.

Watch the video below for a good stretch.

Here is a 10 minute Yoga Sequence

Here is a free relaxation