Pre and Post Natal Care Options

Option for Pre Natal Care if you have decided that you don't need a Doula.

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My passion is with YOU having the best possible care, labour, birth and outcomes.  I can thoroughly prepare you for birth with my Pre Natal Care Package -

2 Pre Natal meetings to discuss your concerns or ideas for birth.  Creation of your birth plan in absolutely essential and we will go over and over this until you are 100% happy with your choices.

I answer any non medical related questions, if i don't have an answer i will refer you to someone who would know.

We chat about your rites, options and birth partner advocating for you in an effective way that keeps the birthing room calm.

What to pack in your bags for hospital.

3.5 Hour Spinning Babies Parent Educator Class and Active Birth Class

You will learn movement and breathe for contractions, how to cope and what to do when in labour.  Your birth partner will learn comfort measures and techniques on how they can help you and be actively involved in your labour and birth.

You will receive from me after class -

1 Water Bottle

1 Rebozo substitute

1 Birth Ball

1 Manual on everything learnt in class

1 massage roller


Fees are set at $500, let's meet for coffee.

YES you can still book me as your Doula if you decide that you would like a third person in the room to help love and nurture you both.  Subject to availability and fees incur.

Options for Post Natal Care -

Placenta Encapsulation (if you have birthed at a hospital close to me for the collection of the placenta)

6 X 2 hours visits in your home.

Now we know the focus has been completely on your pregnancy and birth.   You have birthed your baby, but mumma, you have also been birthed into this crazy world that we call parenthood.  

No one prepares you for the post natal period, sleep deprivation, not knowing why baby is crying.  It's all ok, it's all normal.

During my visits, many things can happen -

We can chat about anything and everything whilst having a coffee/tea and I can also 'light' clean for you.

You can have a bath/shower or take a nap while I look after the baby.

Choice of meals that will be lovingly cooked in my Thermomix.

I can pick up some household essentials for during my travels to your home if I know in advance (fees incur)

Let me know what you want and I will see if I can accommodate.

Fee's are set, let's meet for coffee :)


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