Hello and thank you for visiting my site. 
I am Trudy Vains 
Mother of Ethan and Emily
Birth Doula to many many women
Pregnancy Yoga Teacher
Post Partum Doula 
Post Partum Yoga Teacher

Hi there, i see you, intrigued, trying to gauge what a Doula does, grab a cuppa and have a look around.

My husband and I live In Burpengary and we are huge advocates for the health and wellbeing of women and men during Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and post Partum.  We are loving, nurturing people who create space and peace for all who attend our Yoga Classes and Child Birth Education Classes, our studio is described as tranquil.

My passion to become a Doula came about after I started the healing/acceptance process of my own births.  I loved my births, there was trauma, they are still my births and over time i have accepted how my births played out, I love that i birthed my children, they entered the world safely and i love them so much.

I was 20 when i had my first baby (he is now 24) - I had no idea that things like Pregnancy Yoga, Child Birth Preparation Classes, and Birth Doulas were available, I had never heard the terms before....how I wish that I had known about these marvellous ideas!  

I know that if i had a Doula present, my mindset would have been better, I would have had knowledge before my labour started, I would have had someone there telling me how great I was doing - I would have had support by someone massaging my back whilst my birth partner was wiping my brow.  I would have felt loved.

My labour may been different if i had a Doula present, I would have known that I didn’t have to ‘go with the flow’ of medical intervention, I could have tried something else, I did not know that my voice could be heard, I did not know that I was important.  It truly is a ripple effect if you go in with no idea of what labour and birth is.

The birth of my son was an emergency Caesarean Section (general anaesthetic) this was after induction, 36 hours of pain and staff telling me that i wasn't doing anything right, here are some words that were said to me 25 years ago.

'Why aren't you thinking about your baby' (when i first said i didn't want a Caesarean)

'You aren't dilating quick enough i'm going to call the doctor and tell them'

'Your body is not responding to the induction'

'You are only at 3cm you are not progressing'

'Why are you resisting?'

Theses words still play in my head every now and then, but i know that because of my experiences i help other women to create the birth that they desire.  

When i fell pregnant with my daughter I opted for elective caesarean for her birth, I loved that my daughter entered the world safely and in my arms so quickly.

Time flies my friends, she is now 22 and finished her university degree.

My mindset played so much in the decision to have an elective Caesarian, i thought that there is no way that i can go through labour of 36 hours again, (i wish i had known about Doula's).  With the right knowledge perhaps i could have tried to VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian).

Even after everything that happened there is no feeling of my body failing me, I am a mother no matter how my baby was born.  

Mothers to be -

You are heard, respected, given choices, loved, nurtured, you are/will be with someone who knows what they are doing in every sense of the words labour and birth.

I truly believe that with a little knowledge, the rite to express your voice and opinion, remembering that ‘this is your birth’ and ‘you have the best birth plan’ and ‘you have the best support’ your mindset will be magnificent, your body and baby will respond together in harmony and no matter how you birth your baby you will remember it with love and awe.

I hear too many stories about first births, trauma, mothers who are scared and are pregnant second time around.  It doesn't have to be this way. I want to help the way we approach labour and birth.  I want you to have the birth you desire and I will be there by your side every step of the way, every contraction, every movement, every breath.  

This is my life purpose, I wish to serve.