Doula Services

**You can now pay for my Birth Doula Services over 3, 6 or 12 months for as little as $33* per week using PayRight** please call or text  0448104642 to check my availability**

Our first meeting is obligation free: a coffee and chat – call/text 0448104642 or email so we can organise a time that suits us both.

Birth is a personal journey so we need to make sure we are a good match.  A connection of calm and trust between birthing mother, birthing partner and birth Doula is very important.

If you engage me as your Birth Doula, we will be chatting a lot, emailing, texting and meeting for coffee. This is a life changing journey you are on, and only you know what you need, I'll provide information that unlocks feelings and emotions within you so you know how you want your birth to play out, what you do and do not want. We work through any fears and concerns and work around them.


Engaging me to be your birth Doula entitles you to all of the following and more!

Two Prenatal gatherings at a coffee shop or my studio filled with love and everything birth related.

Exciting times ahead as we meet for a Movement and Breath Class that entails invaluable information for you and your birth partner.  This includes labour positions and breathe work, how to make you more comfortable.  This is a 2 hour class and be prepared for lots of laughter as we have a great time in every class.  Click here to enquire for more info.

I am always here for you – call, text, email, my phone is always with me, ask me anything.

Creation of your birth plan is an exciting time, we write down everything as we discuss what you do and do not want, put it all together and when you are happy with it pop it in your labour bag.

I am honoured to be on call for you from 37 – 42 weeks.

My role is emotional and physical support (non medical) I encourage you all the way.

Labour and Birth attendance, I do not leave your side from when I am notified of established labour to when you are ‘all’ comfortable and settled in your ‘bubble of baby bliss’.

Two x one hour debrief following your birth.

I am that wonderful, nurturing, loving person with knowledge, wisdom and trust. I am the ‘glue’ that helps keep it all together. 

Your birthing partner is very important to me and they will be supported in every possible way. A Doula enhances your experience, working alongside your Midwife. We work together to help you, in life's most beautiful experience.


As a Doula, I will not...

  • Perform clinical tasks such as vaginal exams or foetal heart monitoring.
  • Give medical advice or diagnose conditions.
  • Judge you for decisions that you make.
  • Let my personal values or biases get in the way of caring for you (for example, i will not pressure you into making any decisions just because that’s what they prefer).
  • Take over the role of your husband or partner.
  • Deliver the baby.
  • Change shifts.

I travel to wherever i am needed, hospital or birth centre.

My promise to you is that i will support you in every way, you will not get lost in the system, i won't leave your side, you will have everything you need and i will continually tell you 'You've Got This!'

There will be massage, breathe, movement, comfort measures, a whole lot of nurturing, love and expertise.

I promise to respond to your deepest emotional needs, stay with you throughout labour and birth and to create an atmosphere in which the birth can be as positive as possible.

A doula is also there as a support for the father/birth support/friend and will help the couple work together according to their wishes.

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