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Traditionally, a doula is a woman offering non-medical support and information to other women and their partners during labour and the post natal period. 

‘Doula‘ is a Greek word that came to mean “woman’s servant”.

A Doula believes in the entire process that you take for your labour and birth.  She believes in your so greatly.  She has got your back.

*  She is a great advocate for birth

*  She is a great listener

*  She doesn't judge or impose her own beliefs

*  She will teach you and your birthing partner how to cope with        labour and birth (Child Birth Education Classes)

*  She will work alongside medical professionals as a team

*  She trusts your instincts

*  She offers non-medical support

As the leading Doula in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast I promise to respond to your deepest emotional needs, stay with you throughout labour and birth and to create an atmosphere in which the birth can be as positive as possible.

A doula is also there as a support for the father/birth support/friend and will help the couple work together according to their wishes.


Engaging me to be your birth Doula entitles you to all of the following and more!


Before we go into the services provided, there is always the question that hangs in the air - how much does a Doula cost?  

Mine is pretty simple but im very busy.  Have a look at the inclusions after reading this section.

Please note

If you are wanting the best support you could possibly have please contact me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, as I have limited availability.

The most common question that i am asked is 'how much is your fee?' I am someone who is very straight up and honest, my fee is $3,000. 

I have been a Doula for a long time, everything that i do reflects this, i have the knowledge that you need, and the love in my heart to look after you, and your birthing team.

It is very important that we meet to make sure that we are the 'right fit' to work alongside each other.  Please know that if you are after just general information or not sure if my fee is attainable for you i am happy to chat on the phone to see what i can do.

We have many options for payment - PayRight is amazing and takes 5 minutes to set up, this gives you the option of choosing 3, 6 or 12 months to repay.  No hassle, no fuss.  (T's & C's apply).

Private payment arrangements with Trudy (weekly, fortnightly or monthly plans).

Your friends and family can gather together and add to your payment plan, its all so easy to have the birth that you want, the support that you want and a memory that will last forever.

My Current Availability:

I am currently fully booked until February 2022, so I recommend to call me as soon as you find out you are pregnant to avoid disappointment.

Birth is such a personal journey so we need to make sure we are a good match.  A connection of calm and trust between Birthing Mother, Birthing Partner and Birth Doula is very important.

If you engage me as your Birth Doula, we will be chatting a lot, emailing, texting and meeting for coffee. This is a life changing journey you are on, and only you know what you need, I'll provide information that unlocks feelings and emotions within you so you know how you want your birth to play out, what you do and do not want. We work through any fears and concerns and work around them.



Many Prenatal gatherings at a coffee shop or my studio filled with love and everything birth related.  Lets really get to the nitty gritty of who, what, when, where and why - how do you want your birth to be?  Lets unpack your fears, concerns and anxieties and repack with wisdom, courage and self belief.  You've got this, i believe in you.

I attend antenatal and scan appointments, if that is your wish (not everyone wants to have an extra person in the room).  We can gather questions that you would like answered by staff, you need to feel so absolutely comfortable, and heard at every appointment.

I am always here for you – call, text, email, my phone is always with me, ask me anything between the hours of 9am-5pm. 

Child Birth Education

Exciting times ahead as we meet for an Child Birth Preparation Classes that entail invaluable information for you and your birth partner.  This includes labour positions and breathe work, how to make you more comfortable.  These classes go for 10 hours, evened out over 3 sessions, so as not to overload you with information.  Be prepared for lots of laughter as we have a great time in every class.  Click here to enquire for more info.  Course Content here.

Birth Plan

Creation of your birth plan is an exciting time, we write down everything as we discuss what you do and do not want, put it all together and when you are happy with it pop it in your labour bag.  Labour and birth is unpredictable but if you have a birth plan, this indicates to medical staff who to talk to (in your support team) and how you would like to proceed.  FYI only one person needs to be a voice for you if there is no medical emergency.

Oncall and Birth Attendance

I am honoured to be on call for you from 37 – 42 weeks.  My role is emotional and physical support (non medical) and i encourage you the whole way.

Labour and Birth attendance, I do not leave your side from when I am notified of established labour, you have my complete undivided attention to help guide you through this transition into birth and parenthood.  I use my wisdom, knowledge and years of experience that allows me to follow your lead, to know what you may need at any moment and the words to say when they are needed. 

I cannot tell you how your labour and birth will turn out, but i can educate you on your choices, consent and non medical options.  Your Child Birth Education class is so paramount to learn during your pregnancy so that when your birthing day arrives you are confident, informed and self assured.

I stay with you until you are ‘all’ comfortable and settled in your ‘bubble of baby bliss’.

Post Natal Visit

When you are home and feeling up to having a visitor and some light help at home, i will pop over and we can de-brief/talk about your birth.

Other Perks
First in line for attendance in Pregnancy Yoga and Mums N Bubs Yoga class - when availability arises and costs do incur. 
This is me -

I am that wonderful, nurturing, loving person with knowledge, wisdom and trust. I am the ‘glue’ that helps keep it all together. 

Your birthing partner is very important to me and they will be supported in every possible way. A Doula enhances your experience, working alongside your Midwife. We work together to help you, in life's most beautiful experience. 

I travel to Caboolture or Redcliffe Hospitals to support you.  Please note that i do not attend home birth or free birth (while i respect your wishes, this is my decision to only attend hospital births).

My promise to you is that i will support you in every way, you will not get lost in the system, i won't leave your side, you will have everything you need and i will continually tell you 'You've Got This!' 

There will be massage, breathe, movement, comfort measures, a whole lot of nurturing, love and expertise. 

I promise to respond to your deepest emotional needs, stay with you throughout labour and birth and to create an atmosphere in which the birth can be as positive as possible. 

A doula is also there as a support for the father/birth support/friend and will help the couple work together according to their wishes.

As a Doula, I will not...

Perform clinical tasks such as vaginal exams or foetal heart monitoring.

Give medical advice or diagnose conditions.

Attend unassisted births (this is my personal choice).

Judge you for decisions that you make.

Let my personal values or biases get in the way of caring for you.

Take over the role of your husband or partner.


Lets chat about creating the best birth team for you. 

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