Bringing Spinning Babies to Brisbane Parents

I am now the ONLY person in Australia qualified to teach the Spinning Babies Parent Class.

I’m Trudy Vains,  a yoga teacher for pregnancy and post-natal, a birth doula and an advocate for birth. Recently I travelled from Brisbane to Minneapolis to study with Gail Tully, creator of Spinning Babies.

Travelling to Minneapolis for training was a life changing experience, this training is not available in Australia until 2020 however I decided that we really needed these methods here in Australia right now.

There are many people here using some techniques after attending a 1 or 2 day workshop and that is fantastic, however they are not certified with Spinning Babies - I am!

Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies is all about having an easier pregnancy, labour and birth by knowing ‘where is the baby?’

It’s all about the position of the baby and how to look after yourself so baby can find the right way.

This is definitely not your usual childbirth class, Spinning Babies Parent Class shows you what to do for an easier birth with practical and detailed preparation to help baby get into the best position to fit the pelvis and solutions for when labour seems long, painful, or has a stall.  

If practiced daily, an easier labour and birth are likely.  This is a ‘hands off’ approach. At no time do I put my hands on the mother’s belly.  You also learn what is not covered in antenatal or any other childbirth class.

These daily activities begin balancing your pregnant body to make space for baby’s best birth position.

Using 3 principles of:

  • Balance

  • Gravity

  • Movement

What is balance?

Body balance is ‘not too tight and not too loose, and not too twisty’. Balance helps align the uterus for foetal position and easier birth.

What is gravity?  

Upright birthing positions help align the uterus with gravity! We recommend specific positions for foetal descent.

What is movement?

A specific way of jiggling and stretching muscles can relax what you can’t relax through intention.

What will the techniques for all Three Principles of Spinning Babies do?

  • Allow baby to move down easier with contractions

  • Pelvic bones may open wider during birth

  • Medical interventions may decrease

  • Pain may decrease

  • Comfort may increase – immediately!

  • Babies may turn to the get into a more ideal position by themselves

  • Labour may start and finish spontaneously

Also, after attending previous classes I am able to help with allowing a breech baby to move themselves around (again a fully hands off approach) with:

  • Rebozo Sifting and the muscle spindles

  • Forward leaning inversion: using muscle-tendon stretch receptors to untwist / lengthen the utero-sacral ligament for comfort, dilation ease, and/or improved fetal position

  • Sidelying Release theory for softening the pelvic floor and hip muscles

This programme really is one of the best that I have learned and I wish for more women/couples/families to be able to have this knowledge. I’m very excited to be bringing these classes and this knowledge to Australia, and the local Brisbane community in particular.

Watch this space...

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