Are doulas only for mums planning a natural birth?

Drug-free, unmedicated, completely natural - whatever term you use - doulas are NOT only for mums-to-be planning this type of birth. Doulas are for everyone!

A doula can be helpful regardless of the type of birth you are planning. And, while many women report fewer required interventions when they have a doula from Brisbane, their primary role is to assist mums to have a safe and pleasant birth - not to sway them into choosing any particularly type of birth.

So, if you are planning to have a medicated birth, your doula will still provide informational, emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labour and the administration of medications. Your doula will work with you to help you deal with any potential side effects and if there is any discomfort despite the medication administered.

What about in the case of a chosen or medically required caesarean (c-section)?

When a mother is facing a c-section - chosen or not - your doula can still be beneficial by providing encouragement and constant support. Often an unplanned c-section can leave a mum feeling disappointed, scared, unprepared and/or lonely. Your doula will be attentive to all of these possible emotions and keep you aware of what’s going on throughout the entire process.

Having a doula during a caesarean also means that your birthing partners is free to attend to the baby and accompany them to the nursery if required ensuring that no one is left alone.

Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Louise Photography

Throughout Australia it’s becoming more common for additional support team members to be at births - whether natural, medication or c-section. Birth photographers and doulas are more and more likely to be included in the operating room than ever before - so exciting!

Regardless of the type of birth you are planning - a doula can be that support person that makes your birth experience extra special. To learn more just contact me today.